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Technology Innovation

Current location: Home > Technology Innovation

◇  Zhejaing province Patent demonstrate enterprise

◇  Zhejiang Province innovation pilot enterprise

◇  National high-tech enterprise

◇  National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise

◇  Provincial-level high-tech research and development centers

◇  Provincial high-tech enterprise

◇ completion of more than 50 new product development

◇ completion of 2 items raised by National Innovation Fund

◇ completion of 3 items belongs to National Torch Program

◇ undertake one of the National "Eleventh Five-Year" scientific and technological support projects

◇ completion of 36 items of provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects

◇ completed over 50 items of enterprise independence projects.

◇ applied for about 40 items of National invention patents, of which six patents have been authorized

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